hard core pilates

Hard Core Pilates opened in 2005 teaching a modern form of the traditional ideas of Pilates. We focus on working the entire body while concentrating on core and spinal health. Balancing muscle structure in the body using Pilates and other small equipment can help protect against injury. It can also help you enjoy your daily life's activities and further your performance in other sports. Pilates can be used for rehabilitation, stretching, and muscle strength. Whatever your needs, we work individually with each client to reach your fitness goals.

Hard Core Pilates is equipped with STOTT Pilates machines. We have 4 Reformers, 3 Chairs, 2 Cadillacs/Trapeze Tables, and a Ladder Barrel. We also have small equipment to help make your sessions at the studio the best it can be including balls, bands, magic circles, foam rollers, and various small hand weights. We also have a private mat room. Bathrooms and changing areas are available for your added convenience.


• Tones, strengthens, and elongates muscles
• Increases balance and coordination
• Develops a strong core/center
• Creates a strong and healthy spine
• Correction of muscular imbalances
• Spinal and pelvic alignment
• Rehabilitation of an injury
• Increase in flexibility
• Improves circulation

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