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Kim Gore became interested in Pilates in 1998 while living in San Francisco. She injured her knee while taking classes with the San Francisco Ballet Company and it was in class that a fellow dancer had recommended rehab at a nearby Pilates studio. It truly was love at first class.

After taking classes for several years it became very clear that her passion in life would need to become her job. After moving back to Chicago in 2001, Kim received her degree from the PhysicalMind Institute. She then quickly became one of the leading teachers at the well known East Bank Club and also helped to open the Pilates studio at the Equinox Athletic Club in Lincoln Park.

After moving to the Northern Suburbs, she worked with many different studios continuing her education of various schools of Pilates thought, STOTT, Trent McIntire, Balanced Body, and Power Pilates. In 2004, she decided to take the leap and open up a studio of her very own.

Kim Gore is known in the area as a teacher who knows how to balance strength exercises while always focusing on alignment and flexibility. "Pilates can help solve so many different problems, from Spinal Stenosis to hip and knee issues. Whether looking for a boost in your regular exercise routine or rehabilitation, Pilates can be of great benefit to any body."

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Jessica Serkland was first exposed to Pilates in 2007. During her first pregnancy in 2009, she sought weekly pilates to help prepare her body and mind for childbirth. It provided such great benefit of tone and flexibility that she rebounded from childbirth with great ease and stuck with a regular pilates regimen ever since.

Now a hockey mom for two boys, she turns to Pilates not just for fitness, but for spiritual and emotional well being. With the weekly rat race involving children’s school, sports, music, household management and a sliver of personal time, weekly Pilates helps manage stress and provide balance between mind, body and soul. Routine, dedicated pilates exercise provides a spiritual component to her week that readies her for all of life’s trials.