"Training at Hard Core Pilates was a conscious investment in myself and my health today and for the future. It took regular commitment, focus, and determination to teach my brain to control my body. Quite a feat, considering I had never focused on conditioning before. But I did it! And I am now reaping the benefits of strength and flexibility - and a body other people have started to notice."
 - Madeleine S.

"Hard Core Pilates is a great studio. I have been to a few different studios in the area and this place was the best fit for me. The instructors are so attentive and helpful, all while giving an incredible workout. These instructors really know their stuff. I came in after having by second baby and they knew exactly how to slowly help me to feel like myself again. I quickly noticed a difference in the way my body looked and most importantly, how I felt. "
-Trisha C.

"I came to Hard Core Pilates with severe back pain. Having been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis I needed an instructor who really knew what they were doing. I have never felt better! My body feels so good when I leave the studio!"
-Beth L.

"I recently had knee replacement surgery and had gone through all the necessary Physical Therapy after. I was still not feeling great. A friend of mine told me about Hard Core Pilates and I quickly signed up for some private sessions. I love it. I love working out again and I finally feel like my old self. Thank you Hard Core Pilates!
-Joel P.